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The assistance to the patients and their relatives is one of Fondation Lalla Salma’s major concerns, as the Foundation Lalla Salma brings a quite particular interest and the utmost care and attention to the patients with the aim of helping them better live their disease, making a priority of the geographical nearness.


Cancer treatment is often a long run and is always hard time for patients as well as for their families. The hosting problem is one main cause of outpatients abandoning treatment. So in order to encourage them to follow their cure, the creation of temporary hosting spaces near each oncology center stood out as a reality. These spaces have been called “Houses of Life”.

As long as their medical and personal files comply with the admittance criteria (physical distance, low income, type of care), the Foundation Lalla Salma delegates the management of the patients’ application to the Committee of the nearest corresponding hospital, consisted of attending physicians and high executives representing the Ministry of Health.

  • The raison d’être of the Houses of Life is :

- To host the patients and family for the ambulatory treatment period
- To ensure that patients have a regular follow-up of their treatment
- To assist patients by providing them moral and psychological support
- To organize their social and cultural activities
The residents of a House of Life are taken care by a multidisciplinary team consisted of healthcare professionals, psychologists and social workers working together to ensure their wellbeing during their stay. Groups of volunteers provide a wide range of social and cultural activities, by organizing outings, dinners, musical evenings, as well as educational sessions for diet and hygiene.
Up to date, 3 houses of life opened by the Fonudation Lalla Salma are fully operational: Casablanca, Marrakesh and Agadir. There is another house in the capital Rabat, which is run by the Association AMINO and supported by the Foundation Lalla Salma.
Among the ongoing projects, the Fonudation Lalla Salma recently inaugurated the House of Life located in Fes and launched the construction works for new houses of life in Tangier and in Casablanca (for children). The next houses of life are scheduled to be built in Meknès and Safi.
An increasing number of volunteers join the teams working in the Houses of Life and make a personal and effective commitment to the patients, as they operate in a polyvalent way and take care of their welcoming, orientation, support and follow up, raising awareness, hygiene education, organization of recreational and educational activities…
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The construction of the houses of life remits in the financial contribution of the Regions and Provinces of the Kingdom, private donors and international foundations.


The ALSC is an active actor in fighting cancer together with the other non-governmental organizations and Foundation Lalla Salma dedicated to the same cause.

As a matter of fact, a lot of organizations in Morocco do fight against this plague that is cancer, some of which existing for more than 20 years. The domains of intervention are split between the Foundation lalla Salma focusing on women and breast cancer, others mobilizing efforts to help out the children or yet all those promoting prevention first and foremost. Many operations are carried out by all the community sectors acting jointly.

Assisting the children affected by cancer is one of Foundation lalla Salma’s major concerns, and the Foundation lalla Salma brings a quite particular care to the follow up and support of the youngest patients, thus helping them to better live despite their unfair disease.

  • ALSC’s partner associations in Morocco :

- Association AVENIR (for a better future)
- Association AGIR (act now)
- Association Cœur de femmes (women’s heart)
- Association des Amis de l’Institut National d’Oncologie AMINO (National oncology institute supporters)
- Association Touche Guérison contre le Cancer dans la Région de l’Oriental (Eastern Morocco against cancer)
- Association Marocaine de Prévention et d’Education pour la Santé (Healthcare prevention and information)
- Association Casablancaise d’Oncologie (Casablanca oncology association)
- Association AMAPES Stop Tabac (Quit Smoking)