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CLEs program

Following the antismoking strategies global trend, the Foundation of Lalla Salma against Cancer elaborated a project of an antismoking campaign entitled CLEs “Collèges, Lycées, Entreprises sans tabac " (smoke-free middle schools, high schools and companies).

CLEs program

This antismoking program has been implemented for the protection of the teenagers and adults in their occupational environment. The CLEs is a prevention program which aims at warning against the cancers connected to tobacco addiction, by setting up a long-term program of information, raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco among pupils and students and by helping the companies to implement their own antismoking campaigns for their staff.

To do so, CLEs built the whole program structure by sticking to legislation, disseminating the information, raising awareness and leaning on the social solidarity. 
By involving each individual in his environment, the message of the program can be carried more effectively to companies, to middle schools and high schools, thus making them proactive actors of the general fight against cancer.

CLEs program

In 2011, 22 private companies, 3 national agencies and 4 public institutions subscribed to the CLEs program. Hence, plans to fight tobacco, internal information programs for employees as well as external communication for their customers were set up.

No-smoking Charter and Label
The ALSC drew up a Charter that the companies have to comply with to enter the Program. The Association awards them the label "Tobacco-free Company". The Golden Label corresponds to fulfilling all of the 10 principles of the Charter, those will be 8 for the Silver Label.
  • The Charter
The company makes the following commitments:
1. Have an involved management
2. Appoint a committee especially dedicated at fighting tobacco
3. Train the personnel
4. Integrate the fight against tobacco into the internal policy of health and safety
5. Estimate through regular inquiries the degree of addiction to smoking
6. Have no link of whatever nature with the tobacco industry
7. Establish clear signalization against smoking
8. Develop regular actions of information and awareness
9. Provide help and support in order to quit smoking
10. Share experiences with other companies