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A space for the dignity of patients and their families

From the beginning of its activity, The Lalla Salma Foundation has recognized the need to create temporary shelter space for patients who travel to oncology centers in order to receive treatment. The purposes: improving the conditions of care-coverage and reducing the dropout rate of oncological treatment; often long and distressing to patients and to their families as well.

Thus, the concept of house of life was born: a welcoming and an inviting space designed to accommodate patients and their families during the ambulatory treatment period. Besides, they offer to patients catering and entertainment services. On site, patients are accompanied by multidisciplinary team formed of health professionals, psychologists, social workers and volunteers who ensure their comfort and give them the necessary moral and psychological support.

In 10 years, the Foundation had created a large network of houses of life throughout the country. The first house of life was opened in Casablanca in May 2007, and then other houses of life were opened in Agadir, Fez, Marrakech and Meknes. In Casablanca, a house of life for children was also inaugurated to receive sufferer children and their families during treatment period.

The occupancy rate of these houses of life varies between 60 % and 89 % with peaks of 100 %. Each house of life offers annually between 6000 and 12,000 overnight stays for patients and their families which allow them to keep up their treatment in decent conditions.

House of life’s purposes :

- To accommodate patients and their families during the ambulatory treatment period
- To ensure patients’ regular treatment monitoring.
- To give to patients the necessary moral and psychological support.
- To organize social and cultural activities.

More and more volunteers that join the teams of house of life are committed to give help to patients at both personal and professional level: reception, guidance, support, awareness, health education and organization of entertaining and educational activities…

List of Lalla Salma Foundation living houses :

« Adults » House of life of Casablanca
Boulevard Allal El Fassi N59, Arrondissement El Fida Mers Sultan, Casablanca
Phone number : 05 22 83 83 23 Fax : 05 22 85 29 38

« Children » House of life of Casablanca
Boulevard Al Qods, Hay My Abdellah, Rue 201 Aïn Chok, Casablanca
Phone number : 05 22 52 22 52 Fax : 05 22 52 22 05

House of life of Meknès
Rue Kifa , Hôpital Moulay, Ville nouvelle, Meknès
Phone number : 05 35 52 20 80

House of life of Fès
CHU Hassan II, Route de Sidi Hrazem, Fès
Phone number : 05 35 61 84 22 Fax : 05 35 61 84 22

House of life of Béni Mellal
Commune Ouled M'Barek, à proximité du Centre Régional d'Oncologie, Béni Mellal
Phone number : 08 08 60 33 12

House of life of Marrakech
Quartier Errazi, Amerchich Daoudiat, à proximité du CHU Mohammed VI, Marrakech
Phone number : 05 24 30 88 88 Fax : 05 24 30 45 45

House of life of Tanger
Centre Régional d'Oncologie Ahmad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan de traitement des cancers, Km 16, Route de Rabat, Tanger
Phone number : 05 39 39 20 58

House of life of Agadir
Hôpital Hassan II, Agadir
Phone number : 05 28 84 09 05 Fax : 05 28 84 09 05

House of life of Laâyoune
Quartier 25 mars, à proximité du Centre Régional d'Oncologie de Laâyoune