• La princesse Lalla Salma prend part à la conférence mondiale de l'OMS sur les maladies non-transmissibles
  • Montevideo  -  

    HRH Princess Lalla Salma, Chairwoman of the Lalla Salma Foundation for Cancer Prevention and Treatment and WHO Goodwill Ambassador, took part on Wednesday in Montevideo in the WHO Global Conference on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

    Upon her arrival at the Mercosur’s headquarters, which hosted the conference, HRH Princess Lalla Salma was greeted by President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vazquez , before taking part in a high-level panel organized under the theme "Transforming our world: high political motivations".

    This meeting was marked by the speeches of the Uruguayan President and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

    The conference, which runs until 20 October, is organized at a time when world leaders agree that the global burden and threat of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases – represent one of the major health challenges of our times.

    According to the WHO, NCDs were responsible for 40 million deaths in 2015, representing 70% of all deaths worldwide.

    Following her participation in the meeting, which was marked by the adoption of the Montevideo Roadmap 2018-2030 on NCDs, HRH Princess Lalla Salma posed for a souvenir photo with all the participants in this high-level meeting.