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Tobacco in facts and figures

Tobacco kills one smoker in two, and yet it remains largely consumed all around the world as every man jack can afford it because of its low cost and the very persuasive marketing techniques developed by the tobacco lobbies. The dangers of smoking are often neglected and the antismoking public policies have trouble to fight this problem.

Smoking kills nearly 6 million persons a year worldwide (WHO source).

The smoking prevalence in Morocco seems to be around 18% of the Moroccans from 15 years old, with about 41% of the population suffering from passive smoking.

Morocco appears as one of the biggest tobacco consumers in the Mediterranean zone, selling off more than 15 billion cigarettes per year.

At the national level, we found no statistics as to the exact number of deaths linked to tobacco. Nevertheless, in a country as ours where 31.5% of the men and 3.3% of the women are addicted smokers, the lung cancer is wreaking havoc, since 90% of lung cancers are due to tobacco.

The tobacco would also be "responsible for 25% of the coronary inadequacies such as the infarct to quote only the best known".

Tobacco in facts and figures

According to a national survey issued in 2008 on smoking habits and behaviors published in 2008, the Moroccan smoker spends an average of 22 DH per day to purchase tobacco, or in other words, this rate represents 30% of the guaranteed minimum wage.

Since 1996, the Kingdom has an anti-tobacco Law (# 15-91) which prohibits smoking in certain public places, and forbids propaganda too, or advertising for tobacco.