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Care welfare

Cancer is a disease which is widely covered by insurance for the patients who subscribed for a social welfare. Search out in your insurance policy and get information about the conditions.

The basic healthcare system set up by the Moroccan government includes:

• The mandatory health insurance coverage (AMO), intended for active and retired people employed by the public and private sectors and their legal successors, which is managed by two institutions (CNOPS and CNSS);

• The medical care coverage (RAMED), giving access to the required medical services available in the public hospitals, the public healthcare institutions and the governmental healthcare services.

Besides the basic health coverage programs, there are other health insurance policies:

• Mutual insurance companies and internal funds offering healthcare insurance and managed by public institutions for the protection of their employees;

• Private insurance corporations covering the employees of thousands of private companies, within the framework of group medical insurance contracts.


CNSS(Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale)

The CNSS is the National Social Welfare Fund, and runs the only social welfare general system which is current and mandatory in Morocco. This system covers all of the employees working in the industry, business, trade and the liberal professions as well as those operating in farming and crafts sectors.


ANAM(Agence Nationale de l’Assurance Maladie)

The Healthcare Insurance National Agency’s mission is to manage the technical supervision of the mandatory basic health insurance and to watch the implementation of the system regulation tools in compliance with the inherent legal and statutory measures.


CNOPS(Caisse Nationale des Organismes de Prévoyance Sociale)

The National Fund of Social Benefits is a mandatory basic health insurance for the public service employees, state service agents, public services retired people and victims of the violations of human rights.


RAMED(Régime d’assistance médicale)

The RAMED is a Moroccan medical care system based on the social assistance principles and the national solidarity for the benefit of the needy people.